Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 24: Photoventure #2

Time for another Photoventure! This time it was around my house. I also only used my 35mm f/1.8 to challenge myself to move instead of zooming. I decided to go exploring in some of the woods I haven't been in before. I found a nice stream which I followed for most of the time. I managed to get through it all with only one wet shoe, there where many close calls but I managed to get out before falling in.
Enough talking... here are the pictures!
The Tallest Flower
I started off when I noticed a bush by the pond was blossoming so i decided to take some close ups like I did a few days ago.
New Blooms
I got a nice close up of one of the blossoms. f/1.8 seems to be a bit too much as the back of the bloom starts to melt into the background.
Lonely Quartz
I found this big chunk of quartz laying in a swampy area with some other rocks. It really stood out and caught my attention so I decided to take a few pictures of it.
Mossy Quartz
I liked the moss growing on it, the greens and whites go together well.
Woodland River
Here is part of the stream I was following. It's not a great shoot but I couldn't seem to get what I was seeing, something that I need to work on some more.
I really like this shot! I don't know what it is but I just really like it. Its a little waterfall like thing going down the stream.
Stream Islands
The stream got wide at this point with lots of mossy rocks, they kind of look like little islands in the stream.
Beyond the trees
There was a fallen tree going across the river so I look a picture through it. I tried focusing on the river and on the tree. The tree version came out mush better.
There was a tree root going across the stream causing a little water fall, I liked the look of it with the tree right next to it.
Chipmunk on a poll
When I returned home I found this guy trying to climb the bird feeder. Amazingly he didn't run away and I got a pretty good picture of him seeing I only had my 35mm.

That is the end of another Photoventure! I had a good time exploring my woods and taking some pictures. Now for other news! I found this website called Trello, it's a site where you make lists. Its very good for organizing so I decided to make a board for the business. Although It doesn't exist yet It's helping me keep my ideas and things organised.


  1. I suggest you post a widget on the side that details your equipment. Is it a Nikon 3100 your have?

    1. Hmm.. I could I will have to figure that out. I have a D5100