Wednesday, June 20, 2012

48 Days: Interview

Hello everyone!

Once again, it has been awhile. There really hasn't been a lot to talk about. I was supposed to send out some resumes and stuff but I'm still trying to figure things out so I haven't done that yet. Right now the book is talking about interviews.

The first thing it talks about is how an interview is two sided, it is defined as "to see about each other." It is meant for both you and the interviewer to learn about each other and what you each do. You are there to find out information about the company and position and they are there to learn about you.

It then talks about the do's and don'ts of an interview. You should always prepare for interviews and have answers to common questions planned out. You shouldn't take more than a couple minutes answering a question. You should also avoid filler words. These are words like so, because, like, um, etc. They make you sound unprepared. You should also try to keep eye contact unless you are looking at your notes. You should also have your resume memorized so you can answer any question about it without looking. The most important time to make an impression is in the first 10 seconds. That is when most people make their decision, the rest of the interview is just to confirm their decision. You should look good, walk in confident and give a firm handshake. If you can't make a good impression when they first meet you, your chances drop greatly no matter how good you would be for the job.
Also I still need to find a millionaire, so if you know one or know of one let me know!

1. Can you clearly and easily describe your strongest areas of competence?
Not really, if I gave it a lot of thought I could come up with some things but just off the top of my head I couldn't.

2. Does knowing that interviewing means "to see about each other" make it more comfortable to ask for information about the company and the position?
It does, but the problem I usually have is that I find out all the information I wanted to know before I have to ask. It will help though if I do need to ask about something.

3. Are you aware of any personal habits or annoying filler words that may be part of your personal presentation?
The only thing I can think of is umm and hmm, I use those when I am thinking, I also end sentences in so sometimes.

4. Is your level of enthusiasm contagious?
I wouldn't think so because I'm very quiet. Even if i am excited about something people might not notice. It really depends on the situation and people.

5. What are some unusual questions you know of that have been asked of you or others in an interview situation?
What is your opinion of Franklin high school? I was asked that at an interview after they found out I went to Belmont.

6. How can you be humble and godly and still show confidence?
This is a tricky one for me, because I hate to show off and make myself look good. I would say you just have to tell them your strengths without being too pushy about how great you are, just enough to show that you know what you are doing.

7. Would you ever take a position even if you knew it was not a good fit for you?
It really depends on the position. Generally, I would say no, but if there was an opportunity to move into one you want or it was similar to something you want then I probably would.

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