Friday, June 1, 2012

48 Days: Skills, Traits, and Dreams

Hello everyone!

Today the book talked about the three things that shape you as a person and how you do things. The three things are skills and abilities, personality tendencies, and values, dreams, and passions.

Skills and abilities are the things you can do. This is anything you have knowledge of and the ability to do. On average when you are 30 you will have around 200 things you have the ability to do. Just because you have the skills to do something doesn't mean you should do that as your job. You can have the skills to cook but that doesn't mean you should be a chef.

Personality tendencies are they ways you act, think, and interact with the world. They are divided up into four groups and almost everyone can strongly relate to one of the groups.

Dominance (Lion/Eagle) - Takes charge, likes power and authority, confident, very direct, bold, determined, competitive.
Influencing (Otter/Peacock) - Good talkers, outgoing, fun-loving, impulsive, creative, energetic, optimistic, variety-seeking, promoter.
Steadiness (Golden Retriever/Dove) - Loyal, good listener, calm, enjoys routine, sympathetic, patient, understanding, reliable, avoids conflict.
Compliance (Beaver/Owl) - Loves detail, very logical, diplomatic, factual, deliberate, controlled, inquisitive, predictable, resistant to change.

I would say that I fit mostly under steadiness. I think I fit with most the traits under that category. Second closest would be compliance. There are a few traits that I think fit me in this category but not as many as Steadiness. I have a bit of influencing too but not enough for it really to count, and I don't really have anything from dominance.

Values, Dreams, and passions are all of the things you want out of life. Many people push these out of the way thinking they will never happen. You should be doing the opposite, you should be trying to work towards your dreams. There is a reason they are your dreams and passions, it's the things that you want to do so why would you try to avoid them.

The tricky part is now combining these three areas and fining what all works together for you. Everyone is unique so there is no easy way to figure out what you are supposed to do. There are many paths to take you just need to find what you like best. You could have a dream of working with art but you're not a very talented artist. If you are dominate then you could possibly open an art museum or work in management at one, or if you influential then you could be a museum guide or a promoter for an artist. You just have to look at all the possibilities. There may be a job that you would love doing that you wouldn't even think would work with what you want to do. If you want to work at a restaurant but don't want to be a cook then you could be a manager, waiter, greeter, promoter, and probably 10 other jobs that I don't even know about. You need to see what your dreams are then what skills you have fit those dreams then look at your personality and see what job would fit all of those. Everyone is going to come up with something different.

If this post seems crazy and weird, it is because I was lazy and waited until after midnight to do it. I guess I would say I am almost sleep blogging. If anyone has any questions or wants me to explain something better just let me know in the comments.

This might seem kind of strange, but I need to find a millionaire. I have some time to find one but I figured I should start looking. On day 47 I have to take a millionaire out to lunch. If anyone happens to know any millionaires I would like to know!

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