Monday, May 28, 2012

48 Days: 7 Areas for Achievement

Hello Everyone!

Today was a slightly different chapter than the ones so far. It didn't focus much on jobs but more on the rest of your life. It talked about how there are 7 areas of your life that you have to work with to have a good and enjoyable life. If one area is failing, it will start hurting the other areas too. The 7 areas are Financial, Physical, Personal Development, Family, Spiritual, Social, and Career.

You need to have money to survive, unless you are going to run away into the wilderness and live off the land with no contact with civilization then you are going to need money. Have goals for your savings and make sure to budget your money. If you are failing financially then it will be very hard to support any of the other areas because you don't have any money to do anything. I'm not saying you need to be rich, you just need to know how to use your money or all you will be doing is worrying about it and won't have time for more important things.

Keeping yourself in good physical condition is very important. If you are always sick then it will be hard to work or do much of anything. You have to keep your body in good working order so you are able to work on the other areas. You can have all the money in the world but if you aren't healthy you will end up spending it all to improve your health. This is a very simple thing to do too, although it is hard to get the motivation to just do it. Just try to eat healthy and get some regular exercise in, doesn't have to be a huge work out, just enough to keep your body working and in good condition. 

You should always be learning your entire life. You don't have to go to school and take classes all your life. You can just do simple things like, reading a good book, go to a museum, or try a new hobby. You should always be trying to improve the skills you have and learning new ones. You can even simple listen to an inspirational or educational podcast on the way to work, anything to keep you learning and thinking.

You should always be working towards having a great family relationship. Weather it is with your parents, spouse, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, everyone. They are the people that care about you most in life and you should do your best to grow with them. Barbra Bush said, "Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the White House, but what happens inside your house." Spend some time with your family, it can be as simple as sitting down to dinner with them or going or a short day trip. If you can improve your family life, you will improve your whole life.

You should be trying to live a good life. Always try to be serving God in everything you do, try to follow his calling for you and stick to a good and pure path in life. Try to have some faith in your life, you can take some risks and know that you will come out of it ok. That doesn't mean you should go out and try a bunch of crazy things but you can take some risks knowing that God is there to protect you. This also includes praying and going to church. You don't have to go to church but it is a good thing to go and be around other people with similar view points and you never know what you could learn. You should also pray about everything. Any decisions you make pray about it, happy about something, thank god for it, have a problem, ask God for help. When I say everything I don't really mean EVERYTHING, you don't have to for pray if you should get a McChicken or a McDouble, I'm talking about things that could have an effect on your life.

Everyone needs friends, even if you want to think you don't need anyone try to see how long that lasts. You should try to have a good relationship with your friends. Always be open to meeting new people and try not to be judgmental. You should also try to be involved in the community. Not only will you be helping your community out but it can also help you. People will get to know who you are and will be more willing to help you out, It should even open up some job opportunities. There are six basic ways to get a person to like you, be genuinely interested in them, smile, remember their name, and be a good listener. These are all simple things anyone can do and they can make a huge difference in the way people think of you.

Last but not least is your career. Your career should be something that supports all the other areas of your life. You should love they work you do and always be trying to learn more about it and always improving. If you find a career that is meant for you, it won't even feel like you're working. Your career isn't simply just your job, it's all your hopes and dreams for life. The is your part of the 7 areas, it's what you want to be doing and what you enjoy doing. It should work together with all the other areas and pull them all together.

This chapter also talked a lot about goals and how they are important. If you set some goals and stick to them, you are much more likely to succeed than if you don't. When you make goals, you are making a plan for your life. You are determining what you want to be done and when you want it to be done. Many people joke around with New Year's Resolutions, but they are actually a very good way to get you started for the new year. It can give you motivation and something to be working towards. The point of seeing goals is to constantly be improving and having a new objective to reach. 

Now for questions!

1. Are you a goal setter? Do you typically set goals at the first of the year? If not, why not?
It really depends, usually I'm not but if I'm determined then I will set some goals. I try to come up with something at the beginning of the year but I usually forget about them. The only time I have succeeded was with the Bible in a year plan. I would probably do better if I wrote them down. 

2. How would you describe your current focus on work?
I have just been looking around on job sites for work. I want to get away from the job I have now but I'm not sure where to go. If I had so describe it in one word, I would go with searching.

3. What hobbies do you have? What other skills and interests do you have?
My main hobby is skiing, I love skiing and go every winter. I'm also getting into airsoft now which is a lot of fun. I also like to do crafty things and play games. You can see the list later in this post to see some of my other skills and interests. 

4. How are you involved in your community?
I'm not very involved right now other than what I do at the church. I used to do a lot through the Boy Scouts. Last year I helped with a big event in New Hampton, I helped park cars and direct people to where they needed to go. I've done a few little things here and there too. 

5. What was your father's or mother's attitude toward work and how has that affected you?
I would generally say they think you should work hard and get the job done. I would say that I try to do that in my work. Even if I'm not in the best of moods or things aren't going right, I'll still try to get the work done the best I can. 

Although it's not part of today's assignment I decided to make a couple lists. They keep saying that you already know what you enjoy doing but most people just can't think of it, so I decided to make a list of all the things I can remember doing that I liked as a kid. I'm sure that I missed a lot but these are all the things I can think of at the moment. I also made a list of some rough goals. I didn't put much detail into them, I just wanted to see what a rough outline would look like. Well enough talking, here they are!

Things I liked to do as a kid

• Play in the river
• Build things
• Crafts
• Drawing
• Skiing
• Playing in the woods
• Video games
• Art
• Cook
• Imagine
• Design

Goals and Stuff

Five years - 5/2017
• Married
• House
• Job I love
• Financially secure

One year – 5/2013
• Have a good job
• Saving money
• Married/engaged/almost
• be in better shape, around 180lbs

Six months – 12/2012
• have a job/searching for jobs/business plan
• Exercising regularly
• Reading and learning more
• The planning for future

One month - 7/22
• Have a plan
• Start learning more
• Start exercising more
• Know start to understand calling

Well I think that is a record for me writing, other than school papers. It's strange because I usually don't like writing but I actually enjoy making these blog posts. I put it into word and it's just about 5 pages, normally I would hate writing something that long. I guess you never know what you will enjoy until you try it!


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