Wednesday, May 23, 2012

48 Days: Change

Hello Everyone!

Today I read chapter 2. It talked about how jobs are changing and they are no longer how they used to be. You used to find a company and you would stick with it until you retire. Now it is more common for people to jump around jobs improving as they go instead of trying to climb higher in a single company. The average an employee stays at a company is now 2.2 years, by the time your 45 the average person could have up to 20 different jobs. People are also starting to shift from large corporations to small businesses.

The main point of this chapter was change. It talked about how you have to be able to adapt to change and enjoy it to survive in the world today. It will be very hard to have a single job your whole life now, so you have to be able to adapt. They are not saying that people are getting fired and then finding new jobs, although sometimes that's the case, it's just saying people get tired of a company and move on the a better job for them. It also said looking for jobs in the paper is a bad idea. Only about 12% of jobs are posted in papers and they are usually open before they made it to the paper. You have to learn the companies you would like to work at and personally contact them to see what they have to offer, or what you have to offer them. You can be hired for a position that doesn't even exist if you can convince a company that they need you.

Question time!

1. How close to the national average are you in length of your jobs?
My current average is about 1 year, although i have had my current job for about 4 years now. All the other jobs I had were around 1/2 to 1/4 of a year. My current job has been about twice the national average and my others have been under.

2. Were the changes in your work a result of circumstances or something you did?
My first job at the dog track was only a summer job so I guess that would be a result of circumstances. McDonald's I quit because I just didn't like it there, I would have rather had no job than that job so I guess that would be something I did. My two current jobs I still have so no changes there.

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