Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 3 - Fry - Miniature-ing it up!

Hello Everyone!

I like miniature things! I came to this realization thanks to my wife's boss. I was painting a miniature ceramic scene at my wife's work. There was a canvas painting class going on and I was painting my ceramic scene instead. Her boss was talking about the paintings and then she said "and then we have Mr. Miniature Man over there doing his own thing." Then it hit me, I like miniature things. I have always known I liked miniature things but I had never thought of it like that.

Let's talk about some of the miniature things I like! We can start off with how I discovered my miniature obsession with miniature scenes! So far all the ceramics I have painted have been useful things, like bowls, cups, and plates, or.... Miniature scenes! I have painted two scenes so far and I have a big mug with a mountain scene on it.

The next thing is my little side business thing-a-ma-jig, SceniCreations! This one is easy to explain because, well... I make miniature things. I make table top waterfalls, miniature scenes,  game pieces, and other little things. If you want you can check it out at . I hope that link is right, seeing as I can't go on Facebook to check. You should all surprise me with a bunch of suggestions on there when I get back on Facebook!

I also like to take pictures! When you take a picture you are capturing a miniature image of something. You can take a picture of a massive mountain range and print it out into a 4x5 photo. It's a little more abstract than the other things, but it is still miniature. Although you could print out a picture full size or bigger, lets just stick with normal sizes to keep things miniature.

I also like playing board games! most board games have something miniature in them. There are miniature people, miniature houses, miniature countries! A lot of board games take something real and shrink it down into a miniature form that you can play. Risk is a miniature earth with miniature wars. Life is a miniature version of well... life. Monopoly is a miniature version of real estate, economics, and things.

Well that enough miniature things for today! I hope you enjoy some miniature things too!

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