Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 7 - Tuesday - Clean-ing it up!

Hello Everyone!

Today I cleaned! A much needed cleaning. Our room hasn't been cleaned for a few weeks now.  It has actually been quite the opposite, it has been filling up with stuff. Now a lot of this stuff is wedding related and will all be going away this weekend. Although it is still not finished and wont be until after the wedding, I now have some very happy fish and wife.

You might have noticed that I missed my blog yesterday. I was hoping to do one but by the time I got around to it I just passed out. I started the day working at 6am. When I got out of work we went to concord with our friend Angela. We then spent the day shopping for wedding things and stuff. When we got home it was already late, but we decided to watch The NeverEnding Story. I have never seen it,and still haven't. About a half hour, maybe less into the movie I fell asleep, and I was out. My plan was to write a blog after about the movie, but oh well.

I hope to have more fun stories in the coming days! Goodnight!

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